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     07.Deeper than digitis Tepid bight erased

Deeper than Digits: Tepid Night Erased


Michael Krzyzaniak and Britta Kallevang / USA
Arizona State University




Deeper than Digits: Tepid Night Erased is a poetry generation algorithm with humans in the loop. It composes and displays a new short poem every few minutes to enrich the thoughts of passersby. Additionally, anyone may edit the poems generated by the algorithm or suggest new words or phrases. Not only will these edits be displayed until the next poem is composed, but the algorithm will re-use them when composing future poems. In this regard, the human is influenced by the poems written by the computer, and the computer is in turn influenced by the human, resulting in a collaborative relationship. Likewise, subsequent people that edit the poetry then also interact with the previous people who did so through the algorithm, and the resulting poetry is a sort of crowd-sourced collective intelligence as mediated by a machine.