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     47.Chronicles of the edge of the world

Animated web series "CHRONICLES OF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, Stories, Myths and Legends"


Jesús Alejandro Guzmán Ramírez, Angélica María Altamar Rios, Sergio Antonio Escobar Cifuentes, Laura CAmila Solano Castillo, Luisa Fernanda Vega Súa, Fredy Germán Jiménez Vogoya, Hernán Dario Ayala Garzón, Daniel Rueda Mejia and Juan David Aristizabal Gomez / Colombia
Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano


Understanding the symbolic system that lies behind a collective imaginary created around its historical cultural traditions and to recreate it through the use of technologies that allow a greater possibility of rapprochement between the digital and analogous environments can facilitate the understanding of its problems and through In order to promote the capacity of appropriation and ownership that is possessed over it.


The main purpose of Transmedia's proposal "Chronicles of the Edge of the World - Stories, Myths and Legends" is to disseminate the oral tradition that has built the collective imagination of Latin American identity throughout the history narrated by both indigenous peoples and Spaniards after the conquest, using as tools of diffusion, technology and animated arts, in a process of fictional reinterpretation that allows to approach multiple facets of said cultural context and to appropriate them in a process of contemporanization that reaches the target public.